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5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology, providing higher speeds, lower latency and greater capacity than 4G/LTE networks. In our bid to give you an even better data experience, we have gone live with 5G, a first for Zambia.

This will translate to even much faster downloads, a better streaming experience, clearer video calls and a more uniform user experience to more users in your home on MTN’s network. You can expect speeds up to 50 Mbps depending on the plan you choose. With our 5G Home plans, you will be able to connect desktops and laptops for Work from Home and Online school activities, security systems, smartphones, smart TVs, and gaming consoles for entertainment.

Check your 5G coverage

We are launching 5G across Lusaka by end of November 2022!
Check below to see if you’re covered.

Please note: Coverage experience may vary from map

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Get connected now! Dial *117*6# to get started

Get doing with our 5G router for up to K 2400 off!

We’ve partnered with Huawei to unlock the power of 5G for all MTN customers. Our Home Internet bundles offer a discounted add-on router to allow you to get doing!
Terms and conditions apply.

Home internet plans

NEW Uncapped Home 5G deals

Get connected now! Dial *117*6# to get started.

SpeedsPriceValidityAdd 5g router*
30 MbpsK 199930 daysK 1000
50 MbpsK 239930 daysK 600

*5G router valued at K3000

Uncapped Home 4G/LTE deals

Get connected now! Dial *117*6# to get started.

3 MbpsK 47930 days
5 MbpsK 46930 days
10 MbpsK 99930 days
15 MbpsK 149930 days
20 MbpsK 199930 days

Bundled Home 4G/LTE deals

Get connected now! Dial *117*6# to get started.

Optional add-on: For an extra once-off K 3000, get a 5G router and get the 5G experience

AllocationNetflix bonusPriceValidity
15 GBK 15530 days
30 GB+3 GBK 25030 days
55 GB+5 GBK 45030 days
85 GB+8 GBK 65030 days
140 G+10 GBK 100030 days

Home Internet FAQ’s

I do not have a 5G router, will I enjoy 5G services?
Answer: No, you need to be in a 5G area, with a 5G router to enjoy 5G with the Home bundle plans. For Uncapped, you need to purchase the 30Mbps or 50Mbps plan to enjoy 5G speeds.

How long is the service valid for?
Answer: All prepaid packages are valid for 30 days from activation date. Home bundle data can be rolled over if you purchase new bundle with the same bundle size as previous or larger bundle before bundle expiry.

Can I share my daily allocation with another user?
Answer: No, service is non-transferable. However up to 30 devices can connect to the router at a time and enjoy services.

Where can I purchase a router?
Answer: Visit any of our MTN service centres and MTN Stores for more information and availability of routers.

Do I need to go through the vetting process?
Answer: Only if you purchase the service on post-paid

Get your 5G bundle at these stores

Experiential StoreLocationContact
Crossroad Service CenterCrossroads Shopping Mall968220316
Kabulonga Service CenterCrento Mall Kabulonga966220202
East Park Service CentersEast Park Mall966220329
Yellow House ServiceMTN HQ Roma966220600
Lumumba Connect StoreLumamba Road Town966220443
Chalala MallChalala Mall966220443
Lewanika Connect StoreLewanika Mall966220443
Levy Service CenterLevy Mall966220251
Makeni Service CenterMakeni966220534