How do I play?

To answer questions, users must swipe left for incorrect answers and swipe right for correct answers. Each question must be answered within 10 seconds. Once questions have been exhausted, users are eligible to win cash prizes which are given based on most points recorded on a leader board on a weekly and monthly basis.

How to Subscribe to Swipe&Win ?

Users have the option to either subscribe via SMS, Web or USSD.

To subscribe via SMS users must send the following Keywords to 585 based on their package of choice

  • Daily Pack send SUBD
  • Weekly Pack send SUBW
  • Monthly Pack send SUBM

To subscribe via Web users must enter the URL and pick the subscription package of their choice.

To subscribe via USSD users must dial *117# select the Digital folder, then the gaming folder and select Swipe&Win.

Users can either play the game via web or SMS. For SMS customers must send the below keywords

  • To Play – START
  • To buy more questions – TOPUP
  • Check position on leaderboard – RANK


  • Daily Pack: K1
  • Weekly Pack: K4
  • Monthly Pack: K15


  • Daily Pack: K1
  • Weekly Pack: K4
  • Monthly Pack: K15

Terms and Conditions

  1. Swipe&Win is open to MTN subscribers only.
  2. Subscription SMS sent to 585 will be zero-rated.
  3. Winners must have MTN Money Accounts through which cash prizes will be transferred.
  4. MTN will reserve the right to use and request for the winners’ pictures for promotional purposes.
  5. MTN Zambia will not be held liable for the content users get on the service or from other users of the service.
  6. MTN Zambia reserves the right to deactivate a user’s account if user violates the terms of using the service.
  7. MTN Zambia reserves the right to cap or throttle data usage in accordance with regulatory approval if there is abuse or unfair usage on the service.
  8. The service is not open to
    • Employees of MTN Zambia.
    • Employees of the Promotion suppliers and auditors.
    • Employees of any company directly collaborating with MTN Zambia for the purposes of executing the Promotion.
    • Spouses and blood relatives of the above, up to the first degree.

Help & Support for Swipe&Win

How do I subscribe to Swipe&WinHow do I subscribe to Swipe&Win

Visit: Send SUBD or SUBW or SUBM to 585 from your mobile number.

What are the rates?What are the rates?
  • Daily Pack: K1
  • Weekly Pack: K4
  • Monthly Pack: K15
What are the prizes?What are the prizes?
  • Weekly winner gets K1,000 via MoMo
  • Next 4 Weekly winners get K500 via MoMo
  • Next 5 Weekly winners get K200 via MoMo
  • Top 1 Monthly winner gets K5,000 via MoMo
What if a winner does not have a MoMo account?What if a winner does not have a MoMo account?

Winner will be given 14 days to open an account. Failure to do so will mean user has forfeited the money.

How will I know I have won?How will I know I have won?

Winners will be contacted via phone call or SMS.