MTN Business launches new SME specific propositions

26 September 2019

LUSAKA – MTN Zambia is leading the delivery of a bold, new, digital world and reaffirming its position as Zambia’s number 1 Internet Service Provider (ISP) by leading the way in providing Small Medium Enterprise (SME) specific business solutions.

Speaking in Lusaka today, MTN Business General Manager Komba Malukutila revealed that MTN Zambia decided to launch these innovative product offerings and propositions to cater to the specific needs of SMEs and enhance their growth and development.

“Zambia has over 300,000 Small to Medium Sized Businesses also known as SME’s operating in the country. The majority of these are located in 3 distinct commercial areas in namel Lusaka, North Western and Copperbelt Provinces which are the main economic hubs of Zambia. We realise that SMEs in any economy provide the backbone of economic growth and this sector possesses great potential for growth,” he said.

Mr. Malukutila further said the new SME specific propositions are meant to address the barriers and constraints that SMEs face in fulfilling their business and connectivity requirements.

“We believe that SMEs are key drivers of the Zambian economy and therefore we would like to partner with them on this new and exciting Digital Journey. Today, progressive SMEs are making use of Digital platforms to scale their businesses and MTN Zambia has a number of products and services that enable them to run their business more efficiently.” he said.

The new proposition includes SME specific products and services such devices, voice features, SMS and Data packages to Cloud specific solutions that empower an SME to consume global corporate products but at a convenient, affordable price.

MTN Business leverages on the larger MTN Zambia Footprint to provide customized, fully converged, one-stop, 360-degree information and communication technology (ICT) services with the largest range of mobile and internet-based communications solutions.

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