Winamo na MoMo

Winamo na MoMo

MTN Mobile Money has launched a new promotion. Customers stand a chance to win their share of ZMW1,000,000 in cash prizes if the customer does the following

1. Deposit a minimum of K300 into their MoMo wallet via an agent 

2. Send a minimum of K300 froma bank into their MoMo wallet  

A total 10 winners weekly, winning K10,000 each and a grand prize of K200,000

Promotion mechanics.

  1. To qualify for the draw, customers will need to deposit a minimum value of K300 in their MoMo account.
  2. Every deposit of K300 allocates a customer 3 points into the draw.
  3. Deposits will comprise of
    1. Customer depositing into their MoMo Wallet through an agent deposit.
    2. Customer receiving money from their bank to their MoMo.
  4. This promotion will be for both new and existing MoMo customers.
  5. There will be a total of 101 winners during the promotion period.
  6. 10 Winners will be selected weekly for a period of 10 Weeks. There will also be one Grand Prize winner.
  7. The weekly winners will each receive a cash prize of ZMW10,000 each and the Grand Prize winner will receive K200,000.
  8. Only customers who deposit at least K300 in their MoMo in a week will enter the weekly draw.
  9. All customers who deposit at least K300 in their MoMo during the promotion will enter the Grand Draw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the weekly winners be announced?
The weekly winners will be announced on our MTN social media pages. The winners will also be informed of their selection through an SMS.

Does sending money from my MoMo to other customers get me an entry into the draw?
No, only deposits through an MTN MoMo Agent or deposits through Bank to wallet services into your MoMo wallet will result into an entry into the draw.

How will the winners accounts be credited with the cash prize following the announcement?
The prize money will be disbursed to the winners via MTN Mobile money.

Is this promotion open to all customers across Zambia?
YES! The promotion is open to all customers across Zambia. All you need to do is be an MTN Mobile Money subscriber and deposit a minimum of K300 in your MoMo account weekly.

Do I have to be an old MTN MoMo customer to win?
No, the competition is open to all MTN MoMo customers whether new or old.

What Prizes are up for grabs to customers?
Every week for 10 weeks, 10 lucky winners will receive K10,000. During the last week of the promotion, one Grand Prize winner will receive K200,000.

Is there a limit on how many entries one can have into the draw?
No, every customer can enter as many times as they wish to increase their chances of winning big.

Do I need to leave the money in my mobile wallet after I deposit, or can I use it how I like?
Once you have deposited into your mobile wallet, you can use the money for anything including bill payments, airtime purchases, transfers etc