Today’s schools need to manage more information than ever before. Without a solid internal infrastructure for teachers, administrators and departments to share data, critical school and student information can be lost, or worse – communicated incorrectly – leading to a host of problems that can affect a school’s image and endurance.
To remain competitive, schools need a simple solution that can run individual functions, connect their entire operation, use the web as a key communication tool and simplify day-to-day operational responsibilities, giving staff more time with students.
MTN Zambia is pleased to announce the introduction of YelloEdu, a proposal which will help schools achieve their strategic goals by running a modern, efficient school through enabling technologies that assist with automation of all operation and academic activities.
The solution is specially designed considering the challenges schools come across. Some of these challenges are low cost of ownership, mediocre IT infrastructure, skill set level requirements, resource optimization, parent-student-teacher community interaction, security, and stability.
Emphasis has been given on easy-to-use interfaces. The menu-driven screens will have detailed explanations and offer several options. The users need not be programmers or database experts to benefit from this system.

What is Y’ello Edu?

The MTN Y’ello Edu is a special educational offer for schools comprising Data Bundle discounts to enlisted schools and a School Management System which is a multi-purpose system that helps in automating the school’s daily operations such as Student registration, Online payment, Attendance records, Online report cards, Online Exams/Assignment, Real-time updates on school activities, Instant chat capabilities, High-level/Detailed Dashboard


Online registration: We have an online registration module which will help the school cut down on paper-based application forms. We will create a link from the system to your school’s website where parents can apply directly to the school.
Online payment gateway: Our system is integrated with mobile money and Visa payments. This will enable parents to make payments from the comfort of their homes and the money will be credited into the school’s bank account.
Gradebook: The school will never have to worry about printing out a report card for students and parents. We have an inbuilt customizable report card system, which will help in publishing the report card where the parents can log in and view their child’s report.
HR management: This module will help you manage the school staffs more efficiently. This module helps with Leave management, Payroll and Pay Slip management.
Record keeping: This system maintains the data of all the students and teachers in the database. It maintains the personal records as well as the academic records of the student. Teacher personal records and Salary records are also stored in the software.
Attendance management: Student attendance will be stored in a database which will be helpful for school authority to know about student attendance easily.
Alumni: This system can manage your alumni records by growing the vital pieces of information given by pass out students. This will help the management to communicate with the alumni via SMS or email and engage them for career guidance and training activities for mutual knowledge exchanges.


Benefits to teachers
This school management system software offers several benefits to teachers such as:

  1. Automated student attendance
  2. Computerized management of marks and grades
  3. Timetable creation in advance
  4. Assignment Homework to students and approval
  5. Availability of more time for students
  6. Efficient and effective interaction with parents
  7. Access to a forum common to students and parents
  8. Access to own and students’ attendance
  9. Better organization of school activities

Benefits to parents

  1. Frequent interaction with teachers
  2. Active participation in school activities
  3. Update on child’s attendance, progress report and fee payment.
  4. Homework Tracking assigned by their teacher to child
  5. Prior information about school events and holidays
  6. Regular and prompt availability of school updates through articles, discussion forums, image gallery and messaging system

Benefits to management

  1. Multiple campus management
  2. Effective communication between teachers, parents and students
  3. Creation of school’s tech-savvy image
  4. Complete automation of all operations
  5. Centrally stored information with zero redundancy
  6. Possible Best resource optimization
  7. Generation of Auto timetables with dynamic substitute management
  8. Availability of microscopic as well as macroscopic views
  9. Cost-effective one-point solution for total school management
  10. Automated attendance management for teachers and students

Benefits to students

  1. Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents and peers
  2. Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule
  3. Liberty to publish articles and views, and participate in discussion forums
  4. Freedom to browse through library books catalogue and identify the books to be issued
  5. Prior information about school events and holidays

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