Channel partners are required to increase MTN EBU’s coverage breadth by offering alternative means of selling and reaching customers. An analysis to determine if a channel partner is required includes

  •  Extent partners coverage and coverage model
  • How ideal for direct and indirect reach is the channels for use to serve the market,
  • The quantity of each channel type required to provide full coverage
  • The geographic spread of the channel coverage

This partner type is comprised of organizations that will leverage the MTN proposition as part of their offer to the market. Qualification will be based on compatibility of their business plan (Business Case) Under Channel Partners we have several categories as detailed below: –
On-Billers will target their customer base with MTN services. They will, therefore, seek a profit share model or negotiate wholesale pricing that will enable them to add-value and resale to their customer base. The   On biller will be evaluated based on business and operational scale and potential growth.
This partner type will be selected based on the Financial and logistical capacity, Channel depth and geographical coverage.
External Sales Agent
External Sales Agents will be selected based on their talent, skill set, capability and Qualification. Work and business experience will also be considered for suitability.
Telemetry / M2M
Telemetry and M2M can also be revered as technology or capability partners. Qualification will be based on their business opportunity and compatibility of their capability or technology with the MTN value proposition and Service. MTN will also ensure the partner’s offering does not compete with the current MTN product stack and catalogue.

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