Co-location/data centre hosting services

In today’s digital climate, internet access, as well as an online presence for your business, is vital, and the management of your internet-based applications, web servers and databases all have an effect on the quality, performance and perception of your business’ online identity. But your business does not need to invest in new IT infrastructure to enjoy the benefits of a well-managed and secure network as MTN Business offers world-class colocation services through MTN Data Centre Co-location.
These services allow customers to rent space within our data centres. At MTN Business, our state-of-the-art data centres will provide your business with immediate access to one of the most rigorously engineered IP networks, allowing you to concentrate on your online business without having to worry about managing network infrastructure, connectivity and security. MTN Data Centres also allow you to administer and access your own equipment remotely.

Corporate mobility and collaboration

In today’s globalised world economy, geographic borders should not be a hindrance to your ability to communicate. MTN Business enables you to always be “Switched on”. Everywhere you go. MTN Roam like home offers special roaming rates to our subscribers. These rates apply when our subscribers roam in the 21 countries with MTN-owned operators.
Private APN
These are secure connections to office, email, internal systems and corporate databases. With MTN’s Private APN Solution, we enable you to access our office and all other internal applications through a secure connection over our EDGE/3G or 4G LTE Network spread across all provinces in Zambia. Some of the other applications for our Private APN Solution include:

  • ATM Connectivity
  • Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) Enablement
  • Remote Office Access
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Machine to Machine (Vehicle tracking, Smart metering) Benefits
  • Easy remote access to corporate documents and applications
  • Secure transmission of traffic as confidential documents are not transferred via the public internet.
  • Increased productivity for the mobile workforce
  • Increased business opportunities resulting from broadened local area network through MTN’s wide and growing GSM Network.

Customer communication solutions

Reverse billing/toll-free services 
The MTN Toll-Free Service has been specifically designed to enhance interactions between businesses and customers. With Toll-Free, all incoming calls are free to the sender (Customer) as costs are reversed to the recipient (Origination).
This service allows MTN Subscribers to call companies through a Toll-Free number and get information free of charge as the cost is borne by that organization.
With MTN Toll-Free Service, you have:

  • Convenience – as customers are drawn to the ease of access to delivery.
  • Customer retention – as customers have improved satisfaction with more interaction.
  • Competitive advantage and customer loyalty.
  • Market feedback.

Y’ello SMS 
Whether you are running a promotion, sending customer notifications or reminders, or simply advertising your products, MTN Y’ello SMS is the product for you. MTN Business continues to provide you with simple, cost-effective solutions that enable you to communicate directly and in real-time with your customers. MTN Y’ello SMS is a Bulk Messaging Solution that is reliable and scalable, allowing businesses and Bulk SMS resellers to connect to the MTN SMS gateway in order to send SMSs in bulk to their clientele via MTN’s secure and reliable connection. This solution consists of an SMPP Bind (SMSC Link) and Bulk Messages. With the MTN Bulk Messaging Solution, customers can send SMSs over a fast and secure connection from their shortcode or number directly to customer’s cell-phones.

  • Instant and guaranteed delivery of messages.
  • SMSs are sent directly from the Y’ello SMS Platform through the reliable and secure MTN SMS Gateway.
  • Accessibility from anywhere via the web-based platform that is compliant with modern business needs.
  • Competitive pricing and the ability to select from a wide selection of Bulk SMS Bundles to suit your specific requirements.
  • No hidden charges

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