Terms and conditions for the purchase and/or use of MTN Pay As Go starter SIM Pack

  1. Your cell phone number (“MSISDN”) is printed on the sim card cover contained in this starter pack (“kit”).
  1. If you do not connect your SIM card to the MTN network within six (6) months of purchasing it and do not utilize it on the MTN network for a period of 90 consecutive days (a chargeable call excluding SMS needs to be made), MTN shall be entitled to cancel this number and deactivate your card. In this case you will be obliged to purchase a new SIM card; with a new number should you wish to continue to make calls on the MTN network. MTN reserves the right to change these time periods.
  1. The SIM card contained in this kit allows you to make local, national, and international calls on the MTN network. It will also allow you to make calls on foreign networks with which MTN has roaming agreements.
  1. The MTN Tariff guides sets out the price of calls and other service fees payable for access to the MTN network. MTN reserves the right to alter such prices and fees at anytime and without any notice.
  1. Should you receive a call on your cell phone, the cost of such a call shall be for the caller’s account at rates applicable on the relevant network used by the caller.
  1. MTN is not responsible for any calls and/or services being cut off due to your credit having expired for any reason. MTN will, however, endeavor to contact you to advise you that your airtime minutes are limited, prior to their running out.
  1. MTN is not responsible for a call being interrupted and/or failing fore any reason or any interruption in the network services. 
  1. Risk in and to the products and services contained in this kit transfers upon delivery of the kit to you. Accordingly, MTN takes responsibility for any loss or damage of any of the contacts of this kit, including inter alia the SIM card or the airtime card where applicable. In the event of you losing your cell phone, airtime and/or SIM card items must be replaced at your cost.
  1. MTN is under no obligation to give you any proof of how your airtime has been used or any calls made or received on your cell phone. Accordingly, MTN is under no obligation to give itemized information with respect to your call records for your cell phone or MSISDN.
  1.  For security reasons, should you incorrectly enter your PIN code more than (3) consecutive times, your SIM card will be blocked in which event you shall not be able to make or receive calls on that SIM card. This blocking can be removed by entering into your cell phone the “PUK” number printed on your card holder.
  1. Please ensure that if the seal surrounding the kit is removed, it is done in your presence, as MTN is not responsible for any missing contents from this kit should the seal have been removed prior to its delivery to you.
  1. Should you lose your SIM card and/or cell phone, you should report this to MTN immediately.
  1. In the event of losing your SIM card you have a choice of either purchasing a new SIM card with a new MSISDN or performing a SIM swap from an MTN Authorized Agent in which event your MSISDN shall remain the same. Such a SIM will still be charged for a rate determined by MTN or the service provider in accordance with any relevant regulatory requirements.
  1. You may not in any way tamper with, modify of decompile your SIM card. In the event that MTN has reason to believe that you have so  tampered with your SIM card, MTN reserves the right to suspend your network services.
  1. In purchasing this kit: 
  1. You acknowledge that MTN shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage to any person arising out of the possession and/or use of your cell phone or contents of this kit.
  1. You indemnify MTN and hold it harmless from and against any liability arising out of claims made against MTN, its employees and/or its agents in connection with the cell phone and the contents of this kit. Furthermore, you acknowledge that MTN shall not be liable for any loss or damage or injury to you or any person arising out of the possession and/or use your cell phone or the contents of the kit.
  1.  Without detracting from any other provision of these terms and conditions MTN shall not be liable to you for any loss or damage that was caused by any negligent act or omission on the part of MTN, its employees and/or its agents.
  1. No warranties are given in relation to the MTN network.
  1. You are entitled to refer any dispute to the MTN network to the relevant independent communications regulatory body. 
  1. In the event of the VAT rate being varied in anyway, the number of units contained in your airtime card will decrease proportionately.
  1. MTN reserves the right to, without notice change the method by which you purchase your Prepaid airtime on the MTN network. Any service made available to you upon your purchase of the kit may be varied by MTN from time to time. Furthermore, the charges of such services (if any) may be varied by MTN without notice.
  1. Upon termination of the provision of the network services to you for any reason you will forfeit airtime credit or access period not utilizes at the date of termination.