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If you have MyHospital cover and you have spent at least 1 night in hospital due to a traumatic event resulting in physical injury, a claim can be initiated.

If you have MyLife cover and you have passed away, a claim can be initiated by your specified MyCaretaker or MyLovedOne.

Please note that a claim must meet all aYo’s Recharge with Care or Send With Care terms and conditions.

  • To initiate a claim, dial *296#.
  • Select the claim option:
    • As an aYo Policyholder yourself, you need to select the continue option after the screen displays your cover balances and then you can select the claim option.
    • If you have not signed up to aYo yourself, the claim option will be available to you on the first screen.
  • Choose the cover you are claiming against (either MyLife or MyHospital).
  • Enter the cellphone number of the person you are claiming for (the Policyholder’s cellphone number).
  • Continue by entering the required information requested of you.
  • A confirmation SMS with further instructions will be sent to you.
  • You may receive a call from an aYo agent in the event of any queries during the claims process.

MyLife Cover

For a MyLife claim you will need:

  • Cellphone number of the Policyholder who passed away.
  • Date of the Policyholder’s death.
  • A death certificate of the Policyholder is required and could be requested at a more advanced stage in the claims process.
  • The cause of death of the Policyholder.

MyHospital Cover

For a MyHospital claim you will need:

  • Cellphone number of the Policyholder who is claiming.
  • Date of the Policyholder’s hospital admittance.
  • The number of nights the Policyholder was in hospital for.
  • A discharge letter from the hospital is required and could be requested at a more advanced stage in the claims process.
  • The date the Policyholder left the hospital.
  • The cause of trauma / accident that resulted in the hospital stay.
  • Most of the information required for the claim is requested through the claims process when you initiate the claim by dialling *296#, however you will be required to send either a death certificate or hospital discharge letter to aYo for MyLife or MyHospital claims respectively.  
  • An SMS will be sent to you requesting a copy of the documentation needed once you have initiated a claim.  This SMS will include your claim number.
  • This requested documentation can be sent to the WhatsApp line 0762584242 or hand delivered to the nearest MTN store, but you must write your claim number on the documentation before you send it to aYo.

Your claim number will be sent to you via SMS once you have successfully submitted a claim.

An SMS notification of the status and outcome of your claim will be sent to you. Or, a claimant can check their claim status by dialing *296# and follow the claims prompts.

  1. The cover shall commence on the day the registered Subscriber recharges with MTN airtime and/or buys additional cover using MTN airtime or through MTN Mobile Money.
  2. The cover term for each successful cover transaction will always be for a maximum period of 36 (thirty-six) full consecutive days from the date the cover commences where a minimum cover term is equal to 30 (thirty) consecutive days from the date the cover commences.
  3. Subject to the policy Terms and Conditions, the cover becomes payable only on:
  4. Death of the Policyholder for the MyLife insurance benefit.
  5. Hospitalisation of the Policyholder due to an accident/trauma event that resulted in at least 1 (one) overnight stay in hospital for the MyHospital insurance benefit.
  6. The Insured Events covered are limited to events within the borders of Zambia only
  7. aYo reserves the right to increase or decrease the maximum policy cover levels without notification to the Policyholder.
  8. aYo reserves the right to restrict/decline the allocation of cover through either the recharging of MTN airtime or buying of additional cover using MTN airtime or through MTN Mobile Money.
  9. aYo shall verify the eligibility of all claims and may request documentary proof of identification as well as proof of the Insured Event.
  10. Claims must be submitted within 30 (thirty) full consecutive days of the date of death (in the case of a MyLife claim or the date of accident/trauma in the case of a MyHospital claim).
  11. The acceptance and processing of a claim does not in any way imply that a claim has been admitted for payment. This decision to admit or repudiate a clam shall remain within the sole discretion of Metropolitan Life Zambia.
  12.         In the case where a Policyholder is found to be registered for aYo RECHARGE WITH CARE on more than one cellphone number, the maximum pay out for all combined numbers is K12,000 for Mylife and K3,000 for MyHospital. 
  13.       The frequency of MyHospital claims are limited to 3 (three) claims per 12 (twelve) month rolling period, subject to a minimum period of 30 (thirty) days between claimable Insured Events.
  14.       In the event that the time of admission to hospital is more than 24 hours from the time of accident/trauma event, aYo reserves the right to scrutinise and reject the claim if it believes hospitalisation was not caused by the event.
  15.     Claims will NOT be paid under the following circumstances:
  • If any material information in any relevant document (such as the death certificate) is incorrect or incomplete, or if any other relevant material information is withheld
  • If the Policyholder or Claimant commits fraud or attempts to commit fraud against aYo when claiming benefits under the policy;
  • If aYo is not notified within the minimum required time after the claim event occurred;
  • If the claim was caused, directly or indirectly, by active participation in war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, warlike operations (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, civil commotion assuming the proportions of or amounting to an uprising, military or usurped power;
  1.     aYo reserves the right to evaluate Life or Hospitalisation claims resulting from any epidemic or pandemic including but not limited to the Corona Virus (COVID-19), on a case by case basis.
  2.       A Policyholder can cancel the policy at any time. However, no refund of Premium(s) shall be made, all policy cover yet to expire shall be terminated with immediate effect and non-used MyBonus shall be forfeited.
  3.     aYo and Metropolitan Life Zambia reserves the right to adjust Premium(s) at a 1 (one) days’ notice.

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