MORE Minutes & MORE Data on 777 Yanga!!!

We are giving you a chance to enjoy more calling minutes and more data bundles when
you subscribe to a personalised package on 777 Yanga by dialling *117#. Our 777 Yanga
offers are available for all Pre- Paid and Hybrid customers and can be purchased through
Airtime or MoMo. With 777 Yanga, you get to choose from a variety of Daily, Weekly, Monthly
as well as some tailor- made 4G offers. Because these bundles are specifically designed for
you, they cannot be transferred and everyone has their own special offer!


1. What are 777 Yanga bundles?
Ans: These are specialised offers that can be accessed via *117#

2. How do I access these bundles?
Ans: You can access these bundles by dialling *117#

3. What’s the validity of these bundles?
Ans: These bundles have different validities, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

4. Can anyone buy these bundles?
Ans: Only Pre- Paid and Hybrid customers can buy these bundles. You need to have been on
the network for at least 2 weeks

5. Can I call other networks when I am using these Bundles?
Ans: There are both On- Net and All -Net bundles for voice.

6. Can I share the 777 Yanga bundles?
Ans: No the minutes and data cannot be shared

7. Why am I not seeing the same offers as my friends?
Ans: Everyone has personalised offers, the offer are just for you

8. How many times can I buy the offers?
Ans: As many times as you want as there is no limit.

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