Device configurations

Enjoy the internet on your phone in three simple steps!
MTN data settings are automatically sent to most internet compatible phones once an MTN SIM is inserted. However, if you are unable to configure your phone for internet browsing, then follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Send a blank message to 606 for free
  2. Save the settings sent to you via SMS
  3. Click on your browser and you’re online!

For handsets or other devices that need to be configured manually (e.g. most Windows-based handsets), you will need to configure the data settings on your handset with the settings information provided below:
‘Account Name’ = MTN Internet
‘Access Point Name’ (APN) = internet
‘Username’ = leave blank
‘Password’ = leave blank
Note: The same configuration applies to all data-capable devices.

Other manual internet settings

MTN Zambia has noticed that some devices are unable to receive internet settings automatically. The manual configuration steps for Apple, Android and Windows OS devices can be seen below:
Apple Operating System
Select ‘Settings’
Select ‘General’
Select ‘(Mobile) Network’
Select ‘Cellular Data’ and enable this option
Select ‘Cellular Data Network’ to edit APN settings as follows:
APN Field: internet | Username: leave blank | Password: leave blank
Select ‘(Mobile) Network’ to save.
Android Operating System
Select ‘Apps’
Select ‘Settings’
Select ‘More settings/Wireless and Networks’
Select ‘Mobile Networks’
Select ‘Access Point Names’
Select the ‘Menu’ key and select ‘New APN’
Select ‘Name’ and type ‘MTN Internet’
Select ‘APN’ and type ‘internet’
Select the ‘Menu’ key and select ‘Save’
Microsoft Windows 8
Select ‘Settings’
Select ‘Mobile Networks’
Under ‘Data Connection’ choose ‘On’
Select ‘Access Point’ and choose ‘Add’
Under ‘Connection Name’ type ‘MTN internet’ and then type ‘default’ on ‘Data Type’
Select the ‘Access Point Name’ field and type ‘internet/span>’
Select the ‘tick’ symbol to save
Select ‘MTN Internet’ to activate

For further assistance, visit your nearest MTN Service Centre.

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