What are 4G offers?
These are 4G Data bundles that can only be accessed and used when the customer has a 4G device, customer is in a 4G area and 4G sim.

How can I  access my 4G offer?
All you need to do is dial *117#, go to your 4G folder – 4G data offers (4G only)

What do I get?
4G Data offers

Once in the 4G data folder customers will have access to the following offers:

  • Weekly 250MB bundle at K2.
  • Weekly 500MB bundle at K3.
  • Weekly 800MB bundle at K4.
  • Weekly 1GB bundle at K6.
  • Weekly 1.5GB bundle at K7.
  • Weekly 2GB bundle at K10.


Frequently asked questions

1. How do I opt-in for the promotion?
No opt-in required. Customers will only see the offers if they are among the targeted customer.

2. I cannot see my offers?
-You are not among the targeted audience.
-You do not have a smartphone
-You are not within a 4G coverage radius

3. Where can I find the offers?
Dial *117#, The offers have been placed in the “Data” folder.

4. How many times can I redeem the offers?
There is no restriction.

5. I could see the offers a moment ago but not any more?
The offers are visible with locations with 4G coverage.

6. Can I share the bundle?
No, it cannot be shared.

7.What is the validity of the offer?
Validity is dependent on the offer selected. Offer validity is indicated for each offer.

8. Where can I use the offer?
It can only be used in 4G coverage areas.

9. I can see the data volume but I cant use it?
You have left the 4G zone
Note: The offer is for Smartphone users within 4G locations only


Terms and conditions

  • 4G bundles can only be used in 4G Zones
  • User has to have a smartphone (4G capable and enabled device).

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