Welcome to the home of Zambia’s number one network and the hub of digital transformation in Zambia.

We are Zambia’s leading communications solutions provider offering data, fixed and wireless internet, mobile financial services as well as voice and short message systems.
Our footprint spans all 10 provinces of Zambia and is covered by 4G (the fastest internet speeds in the country), 3G, EDGE and 2G networks.

At MTN, we believe that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern, connected life and we always work hard to achieve our mandate to deliver a bold, new digital world to our customers who choose us every day and have made us Zambia’s Number 1 network.
All our products and services are specifically designed and developed to make life better for our customers across various segments. From the fresh-out-of-school youth to the pensioner, from a micro-SME to a multi-national corporation, we offer a solution to empower your life at every stage.

Our role in Zambia goes beyond the provision of communications solutions; we are passionate about our products and play a big role in transforming and enabling economies, including the Zambian economy.

Our track record has proven that we are a solid corporate citizen and we will always strive to meet our legal, ethical and economic obligations. In this regard, we shall continue to support our communities through our impassioned corporate social investment (CSI) plan, which seeks to empower the people living in the communities within which we operate.
Our key mandate is to bridge the digital divide by strategically driving the digital inclusion agenda through offering the market the most affordable and innovative products and services.

Come along with us, as we walk towards a bright future.

Bart Hofker, MTN Zambia CEO